Learn2Trade Signals Review

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Updated October 26, 2021

Learn2Trade trading signals is a premium forex signals service headqaurted in the UK, offering signals through an exclusive telegram channel. The service covers all major financial markets, like forex and crypto, with 3-5 verified signals every day. The service is known to bring traders an average of 30%-40% monthly profits, through its thoroughly researched signals.

Learn2Trade Signals Review


Learn2Trade is an automated forex signals service that provides its subscribers with the opportunity to trade forex using trade entries and exits that have been copied from other experienced traders on the Learn2Trade platform. By being able to select the trader whose trades can be duplicated, the forex signals service of Learn2Trade serves as a personalized FX signals service.

The Learn2Trade brand is owned and operated by Gadget Geek Online Ltd. From the information provided by the company, it is most likely that the company is based in the UK. The Learn2Trade brand offers several other services apart from the provision of signals for the FX and crypto markets.

Learn2Trade Signals Review

Assets Traded

The signals provided by the Learn2Trade service covers various FX pairs as well as cryptocurrency assets. The crypto signals service is relatively new.

Apart from Bitcoin, you can trade Ethereum, Polkadot, Dogecoin, Dash and other crypto pairs offered by the specific brokers listed by Learn2Trade as the preferred brokers. The preferred brokers on Learn2Trade are Longhorn FX, Vantage FX, eToro, Capital.com, AvaTrade and EightCap. More than 50 FX pairs are offered by these brokers.

Learn2Trade Signals Review

The channels that operates the FX signals (free and premium) are quite different from the one operating the crypto signals. The FX signals channel currently boasts of more than 25,000 members, while the crypto signals channel has slightly less than 7400 subscribers as of the time of writing this review.

How Does Learn2Trade Work?

The forex signals service provided by Learn2Trade is delivered through two Telegram channels. There is the free signals channel which is provided to all live account holders with a deposit of at least $250 made to any of the selected brokers listed on the Learn2Trade website.

The second channel is the VIP Signals Channel, which is a premium service that requires a subscription payment. There are five plans that intending subscribers can choose from to access the VIP forex signals service.

Learn2Trade Signals Review

a) £35 monthly payment which gives 3-5 signals daily and features signals providing entries and exits, with Take Profit and Stop Loss price levels.
b) £65 quarterly payment option which provides the same benefits as the monthly payment.
c) £95 bi-annual payment option.
d) £250 lifetime subscription which is a one-time payment.
e) £50 separate swing trading signals group which provides 1-2 daily signals, weekly webinars and provides swing trading signals only.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

As already stated, forex signals on Learn2trade are provided on the basis of a dual structure. You either sign up for a live trading account with a minimum of $250 and get free access to trading signals via Telegram, or you sign up for the Premium packages whose prices are listed above.

Typically, those who sign up for premium packages are those who have pre-existing brokerage accounts outside of the listed preferred brokers. You may also have those who have specific needs and so want to get something extra from the premium service.


The success rate provided by the Learn2Trade team is a modest 76%. This means that 3 out of every 4 trade signals is said to end up in profit. However, traders should know that a success rate of 76% does not necessarily translate into profitable outcomes as there are several factors that must be put in place to ensure this.

Firstly, traders are advised to capitalize their accounts adequately. Secondly, the rules of trading without undue risk must be followed for the win percentage to be translated into profits.

Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of using the Learn2Trade signals service?

  • One of the pros for the Learn2Trade service is the use of modern means of communication to deliver trading signals to clients. The ability to take any provided signals in a timely fashion is usually the difference between success and failure. The use of Telegram channels has been a game changer in the forex signals business. Learn2Trade has recognized this and has able to use this channel effectively to deliver the trading signals to its clients.
  • Another pro is that the signals are easy to follow and execute. Traders who are use mobile platforms will benefit immensely from this. Messages on Telegram usually come with some form of an audio alert. So even if the trader is not close to his or her smartphone, the sound alert will notify the user of a potential signal, which can then be executed using the mobile version of the MT4 application
  • Learn2Trade has a comprehensive trader education suite, enabling users to get acquainted with the forex market before signing up for a live account with the preferred FX brokers.
  • Another important point here is that the forex signals from Learn2Trade can be obtained for free. Any live account holder with at least $250 can get free access to signals. The premium version is more or less a bonus for those who want something more, or who do not have accounts with the preferred brokers.
  • If the trader is busy or occupied with other activities, there is still a chance that signals may be missed. If late signals are used by the trader under these circumstances, the chances of the trade ending up profitably could be affected.
  • There is no chance of a refund or compensation if the signals services hit a poor run of results. This sometimes happens and if the trader signed up for the service at a time that the signals underperform, that trader is probably out of luck.

Customer Support

There is a Live Chat function which automatically allows a customer support agent to speak with the prospect. Apart from this function, there is the obvious email address (support@learn2.trade) and phone number (+442031468423). However, most communication is done with subscribers using the Telegram channel.


The Learn2Trade signals provision package is one of the leading services for trading signals in the FX and crypto markets at the moment. The number of subscribers is a testament to the value that users of Learn2Trade’s signals place on this service. The Learn2Trade portal goes the extra mile to show it is genuinely concerned about the trading welfare of its clients. It is not just about getting paid by its users, but it is by providing value in the form of extensive trader education and market-moving news.

It is safe to say that Learn2Trade is more than just a regular FX trading signals service. It is a compendium of resources needed by today’s trader to succeed in the market.

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