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A broker is an independent person or a company that organises and executes financial transactions on behalf of another party.  How do you find a good broker?


A trading platform is the software that enables investors and traders to place trades and monitor accounts through financial intermediaries.


Set of tools and services needed to operationalised trading and investment through a trading platform. E.g. charting,Signals,Copy trading,backtesting, programming, Technical Analysis, ML, Algorithmic trading etc.

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Finapress is made up of a group of  experienced,talented and professional Financial investment and trading experts, statisticians, mathematicians, programmers and researchers.

With astronomical increase in online investment and trading platforms, brokers, tools , educators , algo and technical analysis developers, there is corresponding increase in online  investment and trading scammers and fraudsters. A study shows how about 3 in 10 people have in one way or the other been scammed or defrauded in online investments

It is therefore the primary objective of Finapress to provide a world class platform, community, resources, insights, education, ratings, reviews and complete metrics needed by any category of investors to apply in their investment journey.


Whether you are experienced in finance , programming or not ,
you still can trade and invest profitably only if you know what to do

Discretionary Trader

Discretionary trading is the practice of executing trades based solely on the judgment of the individual trader.

System Trader

Systematic trading implies designing trading strategies with the help of computing models so as to make the trades automatic.

Copy Trader

Copy trading allows traders to copy supposedly profitable trades executed by other investors in the financial markets.

Hybrid Trader

Discretionary plus Algo
Combining both Discretionary and Systemic trading


A retail trader is someone who trades their own money, but not for a living. They buy or sell securities for personal accounts (PA)


A professional trader is someone who gets paid to trade other people’s money and usually for an institution

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Pump and Dump scam

In a pump and dump scheme, fraudsters typically spread false or misleading information to create a buying frenzy that will “pump” up the price of a stock and then “dump” shares of the stock by selling their own shares at the inflated price.

Ponzi and Pyramid schemes

Ponzi schemes are fraudulent investments, never legitimate ones. They promise above-average returns but always fail in the long run. Pyramid schemes are fraudulent multi-level marketing businesses. Participants understand that they must recruit new members to make money. Those at the top levels of the pyramid make money from the new recruits at lower levels. Sadly, those at the lower pyramid levels never find enough new recruits to make money. They find they have wasted much time and money once the pyramid collapses

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