1000 Pip Builder Signals Review

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Updated October 1, 2021

1000PipBuilder offers forex signals through subscriptions for all both experienced and beginner traders. Results are independently verified and highlight great potentials, combined with and ongoing support from experienced traders means there is more on offer than just signals.

1000 Pip Builder Signals Review


1000 PipBuilder is a forex signals website that provides trade signals exclusively for the FX market. 1000 PipBuilder prides itself on being a platform with verifiable signal performance reports and features expert analysis from the desk of an experienced trader. Unlike several other signal services, 1000 PipBuilder has a face behind the brand; Bob James. Now while this may not be very important in the scheme of things, the ability to verify the signals’ performance on Myfxbook counts as a strong point for this brand.

The brand operates out of London, with Bob James appearing to be the sole entity behind the 1000 PipBuilder brand.

1000 Pip Builder Signals

Assets Traded

The trading signals provided by the 1000 PipBuilder service covers 15 different FX pairs. About 2-7 trades are generated per day, with an average target of 350 pips.

Dominating the fold are several USD pairs before other currency assets come into play. When compared to the asset index provided by other firms, the 1000 PipBuilder brand has a more restricted approach, preferring to offer just the few currency pairs that give the most opportunity in the market.

Trading Platforms

The signals delivered by the 1000 PipBuilder service can be traded on MT4 and MT5 (all versions). The signals are not broker-specific.

How Does 1000 PipBuilder Work?

The process commences when the trader signs up for the FX signals service.

Soon after signup, the trader is sent an email containing detailed instructions about how the 1000 PipBuilder signals work and what needs to be done to take action on these signals. An affiliate manager would also call to assist with any complaints.

Three channels are used to deliver the entry price, stop loss and take profit levels to the subscriber. Telegram, SMS, and email are the most preferred channels. Traders can download these apps from their respective stores.

The use of these channels is to ensure that FX signals delivered to subscribers get to them on time for instant implementation. The advances in smartphones and tablet devices have enabled users to receive instant audio alerts for any email or Telegram chat that comes into the device.

1000 Pip Builder Signals

Three strategies are deployed to provide signals that can be traded with technical, sentimental, or fundamental analyses.
a) Trend Capture allows the signal follower to trade with the trend, using technical parameters that align with the prevailing sentiment.
b) Range Trap is used for trading consolidations or sideways markets.
c) Momentum Rider aims to catch the market momentum shortly after the news has been released.

This allows the user to receive trading signals from 1000 PipBuilder that are well-grounded and adequately researched.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

The 1000 PipBuilder service has no broker partnerships. It is also not designed to be broker-specific. Therefore, you can use the service with the brokers listed on this site.

Traders can choose from three membership options.
a) The 1-month plan is the standard plan, costs $97 a month, and gives access to every signal.
b) The Quarterly plan allows you to save 22%, thereby costing $227 (as opposed to $291).
c) There is a 12-month plan which comes with a flash sale as of the time of writing. You save 65% on the regular cost, which comes to $397 paid annually. The flash sale is not permanent and lasts until the time fixed for its validity by Bob.

You can make payments via PayPal or credit card.


Rather than make claims about profitability that cannot be verified or corroborated, Bob has put up his trading results on one of the accounts. The results are from Myfxbook, a 3rd party verification service that provides analytics on MT4 accounts.

1000 Pip Builder profitability graph

This account shows a gain of 87%, translating to profits of $2,635 on an initial deposit of $3,000, which is relatively healthy.

Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of using the 1000 PipBuilder signals service?

  • One of the pros of the 1000 PipBuilder service is that the trading results are verifiable. This single factor can serve as a means of evaluating the service properly, so you know whether to commit your money to pay for a subscription or not.
  • 1000 PipBuilder has engaged Telegram and emails to reach its clients with potentially profitable signals. These two channels come with audio alerts, which bring a trader’s attention to a developing opportunity.
  • 1000 PipBuilder also offers a blog, which is a compendium of articles on forex trading. This serves as the trader education suite.
  • Apart from the obvious fact that it is impossible to get any refunds if the signals service hit a bad patch, the cost of the signals service is not the cheapest out there. If you decide to subscribe for this service, realize that it is a cost to your trading and that you have to make enough profit to cover this cost as well.

Customer Support

Customer support on 1000 PipBuilder is not the most robust you will see out there. The only ways to reach Bob James realistically are to send a message using the online contact form or to email him directly at traderbob@1000pipbuilder.com. There is no phone support or live chat support.


How does the 1000 PipBuilder signals service measure up to other providers? Here is a breakdown of the ratings of this service. The ratings are done by using specific metrics such as how easy it was to receive the signals, cost of subscription, customer support, and profitability.

Overall ★★★☆☆
Signal Reception (by traders) ★★★★☆
Cost ★★☆☆☆
Customer Support ★★☆☆☆
Profitability ★★★★☆


The 1000 PipBuilder signals package shows a lot of promise. What the service lacks in terms of customer service it makes up for in results attained. The fact that it is also not broker-specific and can be deployed across a wide range of platforms is also a great marketing tool for the brand.

If you do not mind paying a little extra, the 1000 PipBuilder is the FX signals service for you.

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